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Power Carts:

  1. The operation of a Power Cart is at the sole risk of the operator.  The operator will be held fully responsible for any and all damages that occur while the Power Cart(s) is in his or her custody. This includes covering the full repair costs of any damage done to the Power Cart(s).

  2. The Superintendent reserves the right to close the golf course to all Power Cart access when adverse weather and or overly saturated conditions may endanger the well-being of our customers or cause undue damage to turf conditions.

  3. Power Cart operators must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and must obey all cart traffic rules and directional efforts. 

  4. For the safety of those using a Power Cart on the course, carts must not be taken onto the sloped areas around greens, fairways, or hazards at any time.

  5. Power Carts are to be driven on healthy turf whenever possible and must not be driven in any soft, saturated areas or on any dormant grass during dry season.

  6. Power Carts must remain on paths wherever provided, especially near tees and greens.

Pull Carts:​​​

  1. Pull Carts are not permitted on tees, to be pulled across tees and greens, green aprons or between greens and bunkers.

Pro Shop & Golf Course:

  1. The Pro Shop reserves the right to pair up players.

  2. Caddies and or walk-alongs must pay the current green fee rate for admittance onto the Golf Course.

  3. Players must repair all ball marks and divots on greens, fairways and tees.

  4. All persons on or about the premises of Savage Creek Golf Course or any other facilities assume all risk of injury to themselves and all liability to others for their acts while on the premises. 

  5. Savage Creek reserves the right to make changes to any and or all prices without notice.

  6. Each Golfer must have their own set of clubs- Golfers are not permitted to share a set of clubs.

  7. Golfers are asked to please follow proper Golf Course Etiquette, which can be found here, and on the back of the scorecard.

  8. No outside alcohol- strictly enforced. No social gatherings of any size are permitted in the parking lot or overflow parking lot areas. Note: Drinking alcoholic beverages in the parking lot is in contravention of our liquor license and could result in personal fines from the RCMP/Liquor Inspector in addition to citations and harsh penalties/suspensions to the golf club. Tailgating will not be allowed in the parking lot.

Tee-Time Cancellations and Changes:

  1. Due to the high demand of golf, all no shows will be charged. To avoid being charged, the Pro Shop must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the booking with any changes or cancellations.

*Guests that disobey Power Cart and standard Golf Course operation rules or cause damage to the Golf Course or Power Cart(s) may be subject to the suspension of Golf Course, Golf Course Facilities, and Power Cart privileges.*



The Rules as approved by the R.C.G.A. will govern all play except as modified by Local Rules.


All persons on or about Savage Creek Golf Course (2008) Ltd. assume all risk of injury to themselves and liability to others for their acts while on the premises.


1. Please follow standard golf etiquette by replacing your divots, repair ball marks on greens, and raking of sand traps as necessary.

2. All players or persons in, or about the golf course assume all risk of injury to themselves or their property and also assume all liability to others for their acts while on the premises. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the course, and also the right to cancel playing privileges at any time;

3. Water hazards are defined by Yellow stakes. Lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes and out of bounds is marked with white stakes;

4. FREE LIFT - drop ball two club lengths from nearest point of relief, not near the hole for; -staked trees under six feet, French stone covered drains, flower beds, stone paths, buildings, sprinkler heads, large stones, ground under repair, or any other man made obstruction;

5. No walkers or caddies allowed. No admittance on course without paid green fees;
6. Play without delay;

7. Minimum age limit- 10 years;

8. Pro Shop reserves the right to pair up players;

9. One ball limit per player.

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